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The function and choice of visual industrial computer
  Machine vision is a comprehensive technology, including image processing, mechanical engineering technology, control, electric light source lighting, optical imaging, sensors, analog and digital video technology, computer hardware and software technology (image enhancement and analysis algorithms, image card, I / O Cards, etc.). A typical machine vision application system includes image capture, light source system, image digitization module, digital image processing module, intelligent decision-making module and mechanical control execution module.
  In the machine vision industry, the performance of industrial control computers directly affects the processing speed and running time of the entire vision system, which is the key to the entire vision system. Especially for the vision system that needs to control the operation of multiple cameras at the same time, the stability and speed of the high-configuration industrial computer are unmatched.
  The selection of industrial computer should pay attention to the following points:
  Determine the size of the industrial control computer. Due to the limitation of the machine space, the size of the industrial control computer will be limited. According to the installation size of the industrial computer, the height varies from 1U to 7U. There are also smaller, fanless industrial computers and embedded industrial computers, which are only a few centimeters long, and the workstations are more complex. First, choose product specifications based on the size of the site installation scale.
  According to the feasible installation method on site, the industrial computer can be divided into wall-mounted, rack-mounted, desktop and embedded, and the wiring method should be considered to avoid wiring difficulties such as front wiring and rear wiring.
  The IPC configuration mainly includes: processor (processing speed), storage, memory, software, etc.
According to the size of the industrial computer and the installation environment, select the processor to ensure the stable operation of the industrial computer. Determine the memory size for a given usage. Some vision systems need to store images every time. If they run continuously every day, a large memory image will be generated. At the same time, in order to speed up processing and reduce current transformers, it is necessary to consider replacing solid-state hard drives with mechanical hard drives.
  Determine the interface of the industrial computer, the number of cameras in the vision system, the light source controller and the connection method. For example, the system has 8 cameras, 4 light sources need to be controlled, the cameras are connected through a network cable, and the light source controller is a 232 interface, so that the number of network interfaces and serial ports of the industrial control computer can be determined.

  • IESP-7310-W-G/R/C
  • IESP-7315-G/R/C
  • IESP-7319-G/R/C
  • IESP-3306-H110-6E-P
  • IESP-3306-H110-P
  • IESP-5521-3288I
  • IESP-5415-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-5421-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • PWS-867-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • PWS-865-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • WS-845-H310-mATX
  • WS-845-H61
  • WS-843-H61
  • ICE-3163-8250U/8550U
  • ICE-3268-6200U/6500U
  • IESP-7215-V59-G/R
  • IESP-7216-V59-G/R
  • IESP-7217-V59-W-G/R
  • IESP-5110-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-5115-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-5117-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-5121-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-6226
  • IESP-6206
  • IESP-6485-8145U/8250U/8550U
  • IESP-6465-6100U/6200U/6500U
  • IESP-6441-4TH
  • IESP-6381-8145U/8250U/8550U
  • IESP-6351-5010U/5200U/5500U
  • IESP-6561
  • IESP-6541
  • IESP-7121-G/R/C
  • IESP-7117-W-G/R/C
  • IESP-7117-G/R/C
  • IESP-5621-6100U/8145U/10110U
  • IESP-5619-6100U/8145U/10110U
  • IESP-5617-6100U/8145U/10110U-W
  • IESP-5615-6100U/8145U/10110U
  • IESP-5610-6100U/8145U/10110U
  • IESP-5608-6100U/8145U/10110U
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