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ODM / OEM Service  

   With years of experiences, IESP Technology is an extremely versatile turnkey manufacturer with the ability to bring your concepts and ideas into viable computing solutions, and thus to tailor-make the product in the way meeting customers' exact specifications, no more and no less. Meanwhile, IESP Technology has a team of efficient personnel who are dedicated to carry out the company's policy which includes reliability, quality production, and promptness in the delivery of goods.
  IESP Technology R&D team is proud of its strong engineering background. IESP Technology dedicates 25% of its employees being R&D professionals. We focus on developing new products for both potential and existing markets.

 Here are our OEM/ODM capabilities:
>>Superior R&D Capability:
In order to satisfy customers' needs, IESP Technology engineers are able to modify existing IESP Technology products or redesign catering to customers' specific needs.

To protect the customers' interests, IESP Technology will not provide the specifically designed solution to other customers.
 >>Top Quality Manufacturing Services:
With constant monitoring and improving manufacturing practices, IESP Technology is able to deliver quality assured shipments in a timely manner to its customers.
 OEM/ODM Service Flow Chart

  Our disciplined team approach allows us to be ahead of our competition in product development cycle time without compromising quality. IESP Technology is committed to delivering quality solutions to our customers through our OEM/ODM services. We are an expert in our field, as you are with yours. IESP Technology is committed to serving global solution integrators with flexible tailor-made designs and manufacturing services. Delivered straight from our corporate OEM/ODM Team, the products benefit our clients by lower manufacturing costs as well as a shorter lead-time for product development.

 OEM / ODM Process:

1.Customer proposes product requirements.

2.IESP Technology assesses the customer's product requirements, and then IESP Technology will issue  project feasibility evaluation report . 

3.IESP Technology issues report about Development Cost, Development Cycle, also including risk.

4.Customized product specification will be reconfirmed, and then both sides sign OEM / ODM Service Contract and confidential agreement.

5.IESP Technology's RD department will research and design the sample.And then the sample will be full function tested.

6.The sample will be delivered to customer. Customer has a few days to test the sample according to  the specification witch was signed at beginning of the project. Customer feeds back their problems or suggestions. If the sample meets the requirements,customer needs to confirm and sign the SPECIFICATION FOR APPROVAL.

7.Product trial using will be taken in small batch.     

8.Bulk supplyNormal technical support, products after sale service

  • IESP-7310-W-G/R/C
  • IESP-7315-G/R/C
  • IESP-7319-G/R/C
  • IESP-3306-H110-6E-P
  • IESP-3306-H110-P
  • IESP-5521-3288I
  • IESP-5415-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-5421-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • PWS-867-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • PWS-865-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • WS-845-H310-mATX
  • WS-845-H61
  • WS-843-H61
  • ICE-3163-8250U/8550U
  • ICE-3268-6200U/6500U
  • IESP-7215-V59-G/R
  • IESP-7216-V59-G/R
  • IESP-7217-V59-W-G/R
  • IESP-5110-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-5115-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-5117-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-5121-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-6226
  • IESP-6206
  • IESP-6485-8145U/8250U/8550U
  • IESP-6465-6100U/6200U/6500U
  • IESP-6441-4TH
  • IESP-6381-8145U/8250U/8550U
  • IESP-6351-5010U/5200U/5500U
  • IESP-6561
  • IESP-6541
  • IESP-7121-G/R/C
  • IESP-7117-W-G/R/C
  • IESP-7117-G/R/C
  • IESP-5621-6100U/8145U/10110U
  • IESP-5619-6100U/8145U/10110U
  • IESP-5617-6100U/8145U/10110U-W
  • IESP-5615-6100U/8145U/10110U
  • IESP-5610-6100U/8145U/10110U
  • IESP-5608-6100U/8145U/10110U
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