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    Founded in 2012 (Shenzhen, China), IESP Technology Co., Ltd.  is a leading provider of advanced industrial computer solutions. Our industrial computers are specially designed to provide reliable performance in the most demanding environments and applications. Since the foundation, IESP Technology is dedicated to providing Customized Industrial Computers for global users, our products have been widely used in various fields of industrial automation.

    Our comprehensive product lines include embedded board, single board computer, embedded system, industrial barebone, industrial panel pc, industrial LCD monitor. Our creative concept of integrated services for embedded computing assures trusted delivery and valuable system integration from board-level design-in to system-level design for vertical markets in automation, transportation, gaming, power utility, POS, kiosk, retail, network security, medical, digital signage, green power and much more.

    We have our own manufacturing factory in Shenzhen China, self own factory makes sure our Product Quality and Supply Capacity to be excellent. It also makes us be very convenient to accept Product OEM/ODM Project.   

    We accept all kinds of Product OEM/ODM demands, for we have perfect Customized Department with the ability to bring your concepts and ideas into viable computing solutions. Also, we have perfect OEM / ODM mechanism, R&D resources and rich experience in Product Customized Design, that will make sure customized project be successful finally.


 Product Lines:

>>Industrial SBC : ATX Motherboard, PICMG SBC, Mini-ITX SBC , 3.5" SBC, PC104 Module

>>Industrial Workstation : Rack Mounting, Customized Embedded Workstation

>>Industrial Computer: Fanless Box PC, Compact Embedded PC, 

>>Industrial Display Terminal : 8.4"--17" (Rack mount,Full enclosure VESA mount)

>>Industrial Panel PC : 8.4"--17" (Rack mount,Full enclosure VESA mount)

>>Industrial Chassis: 19" 1U/2U/4U standardized chassis and non-racked industrial embedded chassis 

>>Accessory & Expansion: Backplane , Expansion Cards etc.

>>OEM/ODM: Accept all kinds of Product OEM/ODM demands 

  • IESP-7310-W-G/R/C
  • IESP-7315-G/R/C
  • IESP-7319-G/R/C
  • IESP-3306-H110-6E-P
  • IESP-3306-H110-P
  • IESP-5521-3288I
  • IESP-5415-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-5421-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • PWS-867-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • PWS-865-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • WS-845-H310-mATX
  • WS-845-H61
  • WS-843-H61
  • ICE-3163-8250U/8550U
  • ICE-3268-6200U/6500U
  • IESP-7215-V59-G/R
  • IESP-7216-V59-G/R
  • IESP-7217-V59-W-G/R
  • IESP-5110-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-5115-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-5117-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-5121-5005U/6100U/8145U
  • IESP-6226
  • IESP-6206
  • IESP-6485-8145U/8250U/8550U
  • IESP-6465-6100U/6200U/6500U
  • IESP-6441-4TH
  • IESP-6381-8145U/8250U/8550U
  • IESP-6351-5010U/5200U/5500U
  • IESP-6561
  • IESP-6541
  • IESP-7121-G/R/C
  • IESP-7117-W-G/R/C
  • IESP-7117-G/R/C
  • IESP-5621-6100U/8145U/10110U
  • IESP-5619-6100U/8145U/10110U
  • IESP-5617-6100U/8145U/10110U-W
  • IESP-5615-6100U/8145U/10110U
  • IESP-5610-6100U/8145U/10110U
  • IESP-5608-6100U/8145U/10110U
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